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How to Develop and Deploy a Python Application with Docker and Kubernetes

Running Python Applications Directly on Web Servers In the past, I’ve created a number of Python applications and configured/deployed them as web applications using WSGI and the Apache webserver. I did this for engineering calculators on my website, the Is

New chemical equation balancer calculator tool

I just put a new web calculator tool online, an oxidizing chemical equation balancer. This is useful if you want to balance the stoichiometric coefficients of a chemical equation for a burning material. You can also specify a soot yield

New web calculator – t-squared fire ramp generator

Wondering when an ultrafast t-squared fire reaches 2,000 kW? 104 seconds! Or just want to quickly generate a slow t-squared curve to use in FDS? I’ve posted a new web calculator tool to generate t-squared fires, output plots, CSV files,