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Fire Dynamics – Heat Fluxes in FDS

Various heat flux quantities can be used to output the heat flux to walls and surfaces in Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). This post will explain the difference between various heat flux output quantities. The options for outputting heat fluxes (kW/m2)

Archive: Vortex in a Box [May, 01, 2008]

This is an archived post from the old FDS-SMV website: a user submission from┬áBrad Casterline. The original post is shown below: Submission by: Brad Casterline Titled: Vortex in a Box [May, 01, 2008] “How FDS-SMV turned my Up-Side-Down thinking Right-Side-Up”

Running FDS on a Raspberry Pi

With the help of my labmate Andrew, we successfully compiled and ran the fire model Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) on a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a $35 computer with a 700 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and