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Running Smokeview on a Raspberry Pi

As a follow up to my last post about Running FDS on a Raspberry Pi, this post explains how to go about Running Smokeview on a Raspberry Pi. Thanks to help from Glenn Forney, I was able to successfully compile

How to compile CFAST on Mac OS X and Linux

Note: In recent versions of the CFAST and FDS repositories, you can use the ./ and ./ scripts to compile the CFAST and FDS programs. Those scripts are located in the CFAST/ or FDS_Compilation/ directories in the respective CFAST or

Plotting data on videos – A useful way to convey qualitative and quantitive information

Every once in a while, someone makes an impression on you that lasts for a lifetime. It sticks with you every single time. This is one of those, although a bit on the nerdy side, it is one that can