Fire Dynamics Simulator Mesh Size Calculator

Free online tool to generate a MESH line for insertion into an FDS input file.

t-squared Fire Ramp Calculator

Online tool to calculate a t-squared (time squared, or t2) heat release rate curve, which is commonly used to estimate transient fire growth for fire protection design purposes.

Flame Height and Plume Centerline Temperature Calculator

Online tool to calculate flame height and plume centerline temperatures based on correlations by Heskestad and McCaffrey. The characteristic fire diameter (Q*) is also calculated.

Transient Steel Heating Under Fire Conditions

Online tool to calculate transient, lumped steel beam (protected and unprotected) temperatures under fire conditions using standard time-temperature curves.

Hot Gas Layer Compartment Temperature Calculator

Online tool to calculate a steady-state hot gas layer temperature as a function of heat release rate (HRR) at a given time in a compartment under fire conditions based on the McCaffrey, Quintiere, Harkleroad (MQH) correlation.

Chemical Equation Balancer

Calculates a balanced combustion chemical equation with an optional soot or CO yield.