Running Smokeview on a Raspberry Pi

As a follow up to my last post about Running FDS on a Raspberry Pi, this post explains how to go about Running Smokeview on a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks to help from Glenn Forney, I was able to successfully compile and run the fire model visualization tool Smokeview (for Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)) on a Raspberry Pi.


On the Raspberry Pi, I performed the following steps to get Smokeview working:

  1. Install the freely available gfortran compiler (sudo apt-get install gfortran)
  2. Install the following graphics libraries:
    sudo apt-get install xorg-dev libjpeg8-dev freeglut3-dev
  3. Download the FDS repository from Google Code to ~/FDS-SMV
  4. cd to the ~/FDS-SMV/SMV/Build/LIBS/lib_linux_gcc directory
  5. Run the script ./
  6. cd to the ~/FDS-SMV/SMV/Build/gcc_linux directory
  7. Run the script ./
  8. Smokeview is compiled!
  9. From my blog post on Running FDS on a Raspberry Pi, run one of the example cases.
  10. The, cd to the directory with the example case, and run the example case in Smokeview by typing:
    ~/FDS-SMV/SMV/Build/gcc_linux <casename>

    For example:
    cd to the ~/FDS-SMV/Verification/ folder and type:
    ~/FDS-SMV/SMV/Build/gcc_linux propane_flame_deposition


Note: in the above pictures, I sshed into the Raspberry Pi using X11 forwarding for convenience. So, the pictures are of Smokeview running from the Raspberry Pi, but displayed on my Mac.

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